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AACPA Objectives



Promote Growth

  • To create a sustainable environment for AAC Block Industry.
  • To propose to the government to eliminate Excise and create a same level playing field between AAC Block and Red Clay bricks.
  • To propose State Government to remove VAT on AAC block, as it’s a green building material.
  • To propose to the Government to have special quota of ESP Fly Ash dedicated for AAC blocks having Fly Ash content greater than 70%, in order to get the required quantity of ESP Ash.
  • To propose to government on removal of service tax on transport of blocks.
  • To have special railway tariffs so that AAC block can be supplied via rail to distant locations.
  • To make AAC block mandatory in all governmental housing scheme for e.g. Mukhya Mantri Gruh Yojna, Rajiv Awas Vikas Yojna, Urban Housing Board, etc.
  • To become an associate member of the other industrial forums and take our AAC industry issues on a national level conference and summit.
  • To establish contacts with similar bodies abroad for exchange of information, data, publications etc.

Create Awareness

  • To create awareness regarding proper usage of AAC blocks.
  • To propagate the harmful effects to environment due to Red Clay Bricks and demand a ban on the same from government by filing a PIL against its usage.
  • To educate the market regarding benefits of AAC block by conducting annual events, seminars for all the architect, structural engineer and builders.
  • To educate people regarding the contribution of AAC industry in a sustainable green environment.

Technological Advancement

  • To work together for technological advancements in AAC block industry.
  • To identify newer usage and application of AAC Blocks.
  • To develop an R&D Lab to improve the quality of AAC blocks and find a substitute to a much cheaper raw material.
  • To conduct Mason Training Programs.